External Insulation (Part 2)

There is a lot of information to be told about external insulation which is why we broke it into two blog posts. Our last blog post (External Insulation Part 1) talked about what exactly external insulation is, when and why should you get it, which buildings it suits best and also costs and estimates of external insulation. This week we’re going to answer some more frequently asked questions.


What is the process of external insulation?

The standard system of external insulation is where 100mm of insulation is attached to the outside wall of your house. This wall is then re-plastered using mesh and renders to give you a new finish look. The range of finishes is huge – you can have anything up to 300 colours and/or a dash finish if you wish.

How long does external insulation take?

Each job should take at least 15-25 working days in order to ensure it’s done right. This is because there are 7 stages in the process of external insulation and each stage has to dry thoroughly before the next stage can begin.

What type of insulation is used by Insulex?

External insulation is a system – when you purchase external insulation you purchase a system. Insulex supplies a German system called Baumit. Currently there are over 15 systems certified for use in Ireland. However it is extremely important to get a system suitable to the needs of your environment – in the case of Ireland, suitable to a wet climate. We need a system that is very repellent of rain, which is why we choose Baumit, one of the top systems available on the market today. The other important thing to remember about an external insulation system is designed to fit the property, to ensure maximum utility and satisfaction.


How long should the external insulation last?

Like everything in life, external insulation requires maintenance – it needs to be cleaned and looked after, however if it is cared for correctly, it should be a lifetime product.

Why do people like external insulation?

One of the best things about external insultion, besides the obvious benefits regarding heat loss, comfort and draughts is that, as the name suggests, all the work takes place outside the home. This means no disruption to everyday life.


External insulation is one of the best forms for retention on the market today however there is no point in investing in insulation today if you have poor windows and doors or a leaky roof. When done right, the results are amazing, there is an immediate difference to comfort levels in the home.

If you’re unsure if external insulation is for you, call Insulex on 021 4778562 or email info@insulex.ie







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