External Insulation (Part 1)

Following some questions at the ideal homes show, we have decided to dedicate the upcoming weeks blogposts to the different types of insulation. If you have any questions you’d like to ask let us know in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What is External Insulation?

External Insulation is a system in which you put insulation on the outside of the building. It works extremely well with stone buildings, hollow block buildings and any solid wall construction. It creates a complete seal where you have no thermal bridging… provided it’s done right.

 External wall 2

When and why should you get External Insulation?

There are two main reasons to get external insulation:

1) If your house suffers a lot of heat loss making it extremely cold.

2) If you have protruding dampness coming from the outside in. While internal dry lining will keep heat in, it will never keep water out. (This is the main difference between internal and external insulation).


What type of building can be externally insulated?

Any house with a solid wall construction – predominately it’s very good for older houses (i.e. stone houses, solid concrete houses, solid block houses or hollow block houses). The modern houses within the last 20 years have been built using cavity walls.  (If your home has a cavity wall you would first inject insulation into the cavity but some people who want a higher level of insulation would use both cavity wall insulation AND external wall insulation).


What is the cost of external insulation?,

A standard system (which is grant specification at the moment) would be costing between €85 -€110 per square meter.


Some price estimates:

A 3 bed semi detached house would cost between €10,000 – €13,000.

A bungalow and 2-story house would cost between  €15,000 and €17,000.

These prices reflect all charges including labor and taxes. There is also grants available after this thanks to the SEAI.



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