How to improve “Air Tightness” in a building

A major source of heat loss in buildings is through windows and doors. Often times, a lot of people feel the necessity to change their windows and doors completely in order to reduce this heat loss.  This can often be costly and unnecessary.

Air tightness reduces the amount of heat loss via windows and doors. Insulex recommends some simple, cost effective solutions to improve the air tightness of your home.


  • One of the most important things regarding windows is to ensure that they are at least double, if not triple glazed. As mentioned by Martin McCarthy on numerous occasions (and you’ll probably hear it again before this blog post is finished), single glazing “is like a hole in the wall”.
  •  Installing new seals and rubbers and taking off existing window boards, draught proofing them and reinstating them yields high results with regards to airtightness – an improvement of up to 50%.



  •  Letterboxes are, quite literally, “holes in the doors”, by blocking off existing letter boxes and installing a new letterbox outside (either affixed to a wall or by your entrance) can dramatically reduce heat loss though the door.
  • Another method, which yields extremely high results, is by installing a porch to your front door. Installing a porch costs between €1200 and €2500 depending on the design but pays back on fuel consumption within three years.


Well there you have it, some simple, wallet friendly methods of improving air tightness in your home. If you have any questions or feel free to  leave a comment or email Insulex on Alternatively you can call 021 4778562 or lo-call 1850 855 810.


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