What is the “best” type of insulation?

What is the best type of Insulation? Some people might tell you external insulation, some cavity wall pumping, others, internal dry lining. The honest answer? There is no single “best” type of insulation. It all depends on the house, the consumer and the budget.

If you google “heat loss in homes?” a stock image usually comes up that looks like this:


One might look at this and see that most heat is lost through the walls, therefore by insulating your walls, your heat loss problems are solved, right?….Wrong.

If you had a car, and its tyre got multiple punctures what would you do? Would you fix the biggest puncture and drive off, safe in the knowledge that as you fixed the biggest hole, your tyre will stay inflated? Of course not. If only one hole is fixed, air will still leak out of the other five, albeit at a slower pace.


A house is the exact same. While insulating one part of your home will of course reduce heat loss, it will not prevent it entirely. That’s where Insulex come in.


When Insulex survey a house, we take the previously mentioned factors into account. We know that different houses require different types of insulation (for example, some houses may have cavity walls while others will not). We also take into account the budget. We will firstly advise you which grants you will be eligible for (read more about grants available for insulation HERE and HERE). We will then analyse your home, so as to determine where you should invest your money to yield the most noticeable results.

So why choose Insulex over someone else? Some companies will come into your home, and, if you tell them you have €2000 to spend on improving your home, they will say “you can’t do anything substantial with that amount.” That’s not the view Martin and his team at Insulex take. We say “€2000? Lets take a look at that leaky roof and draughty windows.” We immediately see ways to reduce your heat loss. Those simple improvements can reduce your heat loss by 10%-15%. The next time your budget permits, we will improve your heat retention in another part of your home, and then another. Eventually, over time your home won’t have any more “punctures” where heat can escape.

To sum up, there is no single over all “best” type of insulation. However Insulex know where best to apply your budget to yield the most significant results in each individual home. And you can be rest assured that we ONLY use the best products!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Insulex on 021 4778562 or lo-cal 1850-855-810. Alternatively you can email info@insulex.ie.

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